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This past half a year or so we've been living full-time on the road in a house on wheels. We've seen such beautiful places with landscapes varying from mountainous depths filled with elk and reindeer, the unique colors of the desert to a flatter place here in Florida covered in lakes and a wide array of birds. I love nature. I love this planet and I want to keep it beautiful.

Unfortunately, we are trashing it without acknowledgment for our waste and actions. Granted, the planet will always be here. It is ourselves we are dooming to extinction, but we're taking others down with us. We're depleting the oceans with our waste, the bees and dirt with our pesticides, our air with our poor choices of what we eat.

Since roughly 2007 I have made strides to live more sustainably. And now, knowing there is always more I can do, I'm pleased to come across books like this and people like Bea who are showing what is possible. Even if viewed as extreme, it's no sweat off my back because I've always been viewed as extreme. To me, extreme is what we are doing to the planet and how often we are willing to look away and not take responsibility. All it takes are little actions that build up to being great things. So, I now strive to live as plastic and completely waste free as I can. And boy has it been liberating and enlightening all the same. I'm excited for this next chapter and hope more consider living with less waste, a smaller impact but a greater and more mindful heart.

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