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This 30 day collection of readings and practical spiritual teachings, each ending with a practice, was compiled from tapes of talks by Hindu monk and universal spiritual teacher, Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (now simply called 'Baba'). I transcribed and edited them over a period of about 6-8 months in 1998-99. It was life altering to sit at my computer, sending my edits to him in India, and then opening his emailed responses. I can only describe it as opening floodgates of grace. Though I had been meditating for decades prior to that time, it was like a light bulb going off to realize that I had to train my mind in order to not be at the effect of its vagaries....and training the mind, anchoring it, returning it always to the ultimate truth of our Oneness with Divinity is a critical, core practice in the life of anyone seeking peace of mind -- and even more so for any serious spiritual aspirant.

Who knew Obviously, not me! I had never had the slightest clue before I began transcribing those tapes.

What is most remarkable about this power-packed little gem of a spiritual handbook, is the energy the readings and practices carry. They are imbued with the clarity of Shuddhaanandaa's numinous, enlightened mind and the sweetness of his spirit. He comes from the realms about which he speaks. His words carry that living reality, which permeates his every word, awakening his listeners and readers. Baba is the real thing, and there are lots of pretenders out there. His spirit comes through, sparkling and true, within every page of Your Mind, Your Best Friend.

You Mind Your Best Friend offers even seasoned seekers an invaluable tool on their journey.

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