Your Future Self Will Thank You by Drew Dyck

Review :

Oh man, did I enjoy this book. I took five and a half pages of notes in my journal just so I wouldn't forget all of the helpful information too quickly to implement it. I felt like I was taking a class or attending a conference with a famous speaker. I just wanted to soak in everything.

What I loved about Your Future Self Will Thank You:
- witty humor that really did have me laughing out loud
- excellent illustrations that kept me engaged as well as made principles more 'real' to me
- a common man, relatable tone which earned my respect as well as often touched on questions I naturally had with the material
- the perfect blend of modern scientific research (tons of it! check out all of those footnotes!) and a broad range of Biblical wisdom (both Scripture itself as well as past and present Godly advisers)
- a deep examination of the subject, rather than repeating the same superficial blog post information (we've all heard a few times about cue-routine-reward by now, right)
- a constant faithfulness to the goals of Christ - love God and love others. This is not a self-help book. This is a Christian book, which is to say that it is designed to help you delight in God and His ways more and more.

I am actually quite excited to pour through my notes and begin implementing Dyck's advice. Not because "knowledge is power," but because I know God will fight alongside me as I strive for holiness. I want the hardest part of my life to be striving after the prize of Christ, not striving to wake up in the morning or fold the laundry once a week. I have never felt free to implement the latest "habit changing" science and advice because I was too scared that I would eliminate my awareness of and love for God. Drew Dyck finally connected the dots for me so that I can benefit from all of the modern understanding without making the slightest compromise in my Biblical faith. I can't wait!

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