Your First Year in Code

Review :

We all write codes. because we are programmers/coders/developers/software engineers. we have a dream to change the world through our special codes or applications. we all wanted to be better / seniors / whatever you wanted. but we fall into imposter syndrome in our first year of code life. we feel the anxiety for some reason and can not produce good code and the final result is our product can not see the face of the sun. we have to overcome those situations but we do not know how can we overcome or how to get out of this situation good luck for you some of the experienced developers comes to help you grown up. they wrote a book called "Your First Year in Code". This is a very important book for newcomers or junior developers who are looking for some tips and wanted to be a senior or better developers/engineers whatever title they wanted. so do not waste your time grab the book from the below link and start reading. I found this book very use full and thats why I am sharing it with you.

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Happy programming!

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