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I had a bit of hesitance buying a book that seemed to be written for college classes. I wasn't sure if I could really get myself to read the full thing. Once I began reading the book I couldn't stop. It took a full month, but it was a great month! The use of the women's own writing is really what made this great. There is a difference between reading the poem of a woman mystic from over a thousand years ago and being told about what to see in the poem. This book does a marvelous job of not over explaining the women in it. It allows them to tell their own story through their poems, stories about their lives, and in some cases academic writing by them. There were a couple sections that dragged a bit, but none of them dragged so much that I didn't learn something new. Anyone trying to learn about the mystic women of Sufism should have this book in their collection. It really is a wonderful work.

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