Witch Alone

Review :

I'm giving this book five stars out of sheer nostalgia :) Maybe it's not the best book out there now, but when I read it - as a teenager about to leave home and family and start a new life in Wales - it was inspirational. (no real internet back then, that was any use, by the way...) I'd been bumping up against pagan ideas for a while and then this book kept appearing as recommendations in the strangest places.
So I ordered it and bought it and read it so often the spine disintegrated.
I worked through most of the exercises. As someone new to the craft, it was ideal. She has an open and questioning way that I really appreciated at the time - no dogma, just suggestions. What do YOU think, she urges.
If you want "the right way" to do something, this book won't tell you that.
If you want to be nudged in some new directions, this book might do that.
I am almost scared to re-read it in case it's not as good as my memory suggests.
Basically: for a new quester in search of the paths - any paths - just wanting to be led to the start of one - it's great.

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