Winning the Earl of Winchester - Jillian Eaton

Review :

What a sweet & wonderful story full of romance, love & unhappy pasts that all lead to a happy ending.

Miss Calliope Haversham has, unexpectedly become an heiress after her uncle died & left her his non-entailed assets. However; the will states one detail - Calliope must marry by her 21st birthday, which happens to be only 18 days away. Although she is lovely, she hasn't found a husband in her prior seasons, so where will she find one in 18 days

Leo Maven, Earl of Winchester is a brooding, rich, unbelievably handsome & a recluse since the death of his wife & infant son 7 years ago. He has a hard, tough disposition that keeps debutantes & their mothers away from him but he needs someone to break his walls down - Helena (a friend from his past & Calliope's best friend now) knows Calliope would be perfect to help him out of his darkness & he could help Calliope with her marriage dilemma.

I fell head over heels for Leo - he was so grouchy, funny, tender & I wanted him to find happiness.
Calliope was a wonderful solution for him & they never expected the attraction they had for one another. The friendship that is formed & stays throughout the book & hopefully, carry through with Helena & Percy's stories is heartwarming. I highly recommend this 1st book in the Secret Wallflower Society & Jillian Eaton always has such fabulous characters that pull you in to their adventures.

I was gifted the Advanced Reader Copy of this book & all opinions are my own & have been voluntarily given.

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