why mars and venus collide

Review :

It took me so long to finish with this book but to be honest I didn't want it to finish at all because it certainly was an adventure for me and I loved every bit of it.

Coming to the book it's obvious from it's title that it deals with Mars and Venus issues but totally brilliantly. Every word I read seemed real to me as a Venusian and as far as I have checked (with my husband) to a Martian as well. The author has mixed psychology with scientific facts with medical facts and that made a totally convincing recipe...

Stress has really an enormous effect on all of us but we keep ignoring it, the author teaches us to stop ignoring and start coping and develop new strategies to deal with it.

The two books I read so far from this Author's have planted in me one big principle that if I get out only with this it would be too satisfying which is that, most collisions between Mars and Venus is due to that both genders do not understand each other well because they don't know what a "Man" is and what a "Woman" is both in their psychological make up and their biological one.... Just understanding that solves 85% of the problems ( My estimation).

Collisions are inevitable between people especially between couples since there is extra intimacy in the latter. But knowing how to deal with those collisions renews your love each time and makes the couple stronger than ever and deeply in love even at times of hardship. It teaches both couples to trust each other and respect each other in many thousand ways.

Once there was a man who had a goose which laid golden eggs, he had to wait each day to get one golden egg, it was tiring to him and he got impatient,so he decided killing the goose to take all the golden eggs out, he found none!
This is from the Seven habits book of Steven Covey's but I liked to put it here to add something which this book says between the lines but not out loud that: " Your goose is what's important to you because only it can give you golden eggs".... which means if you ever wanted to change anything in your spouse or wanted anything else from him/her don't forget that he/she as a person is more important than the result you want to get.... this way neither you would want to change your spouse nor you will try but I most certainly ensure you that you will get what you want from him/her. Keep your goose and care for it for the sake of the goose not for the sake of what you want!

I can go on but I will just recommend it to all married couples but my advice is let it be after a period of your marriage ( like lets say 8 months to 1 year of marriage) to get the chance to have real collisions and then start analyzing ;) . As for myself I will continue read all the Mars and Venus series . Goodreads to you all ...

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