who was Jesse Owens

Review :

Who Was Jesse Owens by James Buckley Jr was an extremely informative nonfiction book about Jesse Owens. Ever since he was a boy, Jesse Owens was a runner. He was a grocery store delivery boy and he had to run to do that. Also he was a newspaper boy. Jesse is best known as an Olympic record setter. Before the Olympics however, he was setting world records. When he was in college at Ohio State University, he set three world records and tied another world record in a matter of hours! Sadly, he died of lung cancer at the young age of sixty-six. However he helped the United States through tough times. For example, World War Two and the Civil Rights Movement. He was a true American hero.

In my opinion, this book was very detailed in the beginning. It was lacking some details in the section that was after the 1936 Olympics and before his death. It really only talks about the country and not him in particular. Besides that, this book was a great biography and really made Jesse Owens' life feel like a story.

If I could recommend this book to anyone, I would recommend it to people wanting to expand their knowledge on real American heroes. He was an Olympic champion, so anyone that is interested in Olympic history would love this book as well. Although, this book is truly a great book for anyone because it is a very detailed read, yet, at the same time, an easy thoughtful book.

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