What's Going on in There How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life

Review :

This book is a fantastic review of information re neurological/psychological developoment of infants and young children. It covers everything from sensory and motor development to emotional development and gives useful, research-driven tips about how to foster development across all areas.

Eliot has a great style that makes the research accessible without dumbing it down too much for the general audience. She mixes stories about hypothetical kids and tidbits from her own experience as a mother with descriptions of research studies and what the literature currently indicates. The information about emotional and intellectual development were somewhat familiar to me and I found all the information consistent with what I recall learning in bygone years.

I only wish I had read this book prior to getting pregnant since a fair fraction of the factors influencing development happen during gestation, but at least I got through it relatively early in my kid's life.

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