What Money Cant Buy.

Review :

It is an easy reading book about the continuous progressive encroachment of free market mechanisms of putting a price on everything, into ethical values and into the common patrimony of society. The author is showing by examples how in the last decades in the global capitalist world, little by little, everything has become for buying or sale: surrogate mothers, human organs and blood, politicians, children, the right to pollute, honor, integrity, power and even the manipulation of collective consciousness. Also how sacred property of an entire nation like underground water, mineral resources, fauna and flora, national healthcare and education systems, legislative power, etc. are gradually and legally sold to private investors to the detriment of future generations.

As the author demonstrates by concrete examples, putting a price on civic and ethical values and letting them be for sale, destroys them permanently to the benefit of no one. For example, buying access to Ivy League colleges only diminishes their reputation and value of the degrees issued and saps the public beliefs in academic merits. What happens to a society left out of any civic virtues when she needs all of them in order to survive inside or outside attacks

From the book content, there is no foreseeable defense against this trend and the future of capitalist societies looks bleak, a kind of a dark era of a new kind. I know that 300 years ago, it was acceptable to buy a colonel rank in the army for a boy of six years old, to buy humans as slaves, to buy entire colonies with inhabitants with all, to buy public office with gold, and so on, but I thought we at a global level have put this behind, not that we have dialectically returned to it on a superior level. To me this book is showing another side of unregulated capitalism, one that by itself is sufficient cause for its future bankruptcy.

I recommend the book because in the first place it is an easy reading and secondly because it makes the reader more aware to the ugliness of present trends in our society. It is always good to know the world you are living in.

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