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Given the fact that I've been an avid pursuer of life purpose since the beginning of my own life, I couldn't wait to pick up Steve's book and see what advice he had for me. Though I've learned a lot along my own personal path, Steve actually had a few tricks up his sleeve.

First, most of the concepts in this book are simple enough for most people to understand. It's strongly recommended that you not sit and attempt to read the entire book at once. Honestly, take one concept at a time and really mull it over in your brain before you move on to the next. Otherwise you're going to find yourself inundated with an overload of information that you cannot process.

Nearly everything I read in this book I agreed with. For me, it was a rehashing of knowledge I had already gained. There were a few key points that I hadn't previously picked up on that definitely pertain to my day to day living and psyche and I'm thankful I grabbed them now for future use. It was interesting though because these few points had me wondering why I hadn't realized them before. They're simple enough and completely logical, just for some reason they hadn't come to my attention.

This book isn't just about discovering your life's purpose, it's also about teaching you what to do with it. Just the simple knowledge of what you were born to do and what will fill your soul with joy isn't enough. You have to then take the next steps towards a life of fulfillment.

Different than other self-help books I've read, this one actually gives firm instruction for getting the results you want. Usually, I'm given the thought process behind finding the information I want, but not how to actually find it. This has step by step instructions as well as a recapping session and true stories to back it up.

This is a definite read for everyone out there who is self-aware and interested in learning more. Even a seasoned journeyman will come away with new information. Those who are new to the idea, it may take a little longer to get through the book, but it's not about how long it takes, it's about how much you learn.

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