What Do You Think About Machines That Think by J

Review :

I like this series - all its books have lots of fluff, but also a handful of pearls that will stay with you and change the way you see the world. This book was no exception.

This book broke with tradition in that the majority of authors aren't expertly talking about their field, but handing out hearsay and conjecture because AI isn't their home turf.

40% "it's going to be awesome"
30% "Skynet must stopped/won't work"
20% "But will they have rights/but what is thinking anyway"
5% "how to promote my work that has nothing to do with AI"

... and 5% are what make the book five stars. For me, the book is divided into "before and after O'Reilly", in order not to spoil. You need to read this.

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