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I'm embarrassed to say this is the first version of What Color is Your Parachute that I've read. Of course I've heard of it, but just never got around to reading it. In an effort to remain current with career search trends, Richard N. Bolles has been updating this book since 1975. Now that I've finally had the opportunity to read the 2016 version, I'm absolutely astounded by the amount of information the author provides. Loaded with practical job-hunting advice, the author has compiled the book into the following eleven informative chapters:

* Chapter 1 - It's a Whole New World for Job Hunters
* Chapter 2 - Google is Your New Resume
* Chapter 3 - There Are Over Eight Million Vacancies Available Each Month
* Chapter 4 - Sixteen Tips About Interviewing for a Job
* Chapter 5 - The Six Secrets to Salary Negotiation
* Chapter 6 - What to Do When Your Job-Hunt Just Isn't Working
* Chapter 7 - You Need to Understand More Fully Who You Are
* Chapter 8 - You Get to Choose Where You Work
* Chapter 9 - How to Deal with Any Handicaps You Have
* Chapter 10 - The Five Ways to Choose/Change Careers
* Chapter 11 - How to Start Your Own Business

"The Blue Pages" (appendix A thru E) are filled with additional insightful, comprehensive information.

The author makes a strong case for taking inventory of who you are before embarking on your job search. His flower method is so thorough, serious job hunters will definitely gain better insight into who they are and what jobs are most appropriate for them. His discussions on the importance of getting social with social media are vitally important for anyone looking for a job today.

There is much work to be done with this book, however. While there is a great deal of sensible, and even obvious, tips, anyone truly serious about finding a job or changing careers will have to spend a lot of time doing the exercises within this book. The author makes no bones about that. But after all, finding the right job or career is an important undertaking for anyone.

I would highly recommend this easy to follow and useful guide for anyone searching for a job, thinking of a career change or looking into starting a new business.

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