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read on the train from Edinburgh to Stirling and return. Train ride is only about an hour or so, and I nearly finished it. I was warned by my friend that it was a no holds barred raunchy and ridiculous novel, which immediately intrigued me. I loved it. It made me LOL on the train and I appreciated the wealth of sexual and body function information, partly because I could relate and partly because it was educational. I totally applaud Charlotte's attempt to dissuade readers from modern sterile cleanliness standards and general feelings of disgust about female body and body secretions, however, my BSc. in microbiology makes me a little wary of some of her more extreme measures to prove her point. And the shock factor style of writing was a wee bit grating sometimes, and I think that the mental instability of Helen did not help the case the author was trying to build for a healthy interest in the finer details of all kinds of sex and self-pleasuring techniques and self-care/grooming. In fact, the average reader might come away with the idea that there must be a strong correlation between Helen's sexual behaviour and practises and depression and mental illness. But overall an entertaining and interesting read (in English)

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