We Met in December by Rosie Curtis

Review :


I stayed up way past my sleep hours, just glued to reading, We Met in December. As I was born Christmas time, Christmas novels is something I always look forward to every year.

If you like reading romantic stories like I do, then you will love this festive romantic novel.

Jess was a special character to me, that I wanted her to fall in love and be happy again. Her ex boyfriend dumped her for another woman.

Jess is making a new life for herself moving to Notting Hil, in London. With Christmas lights glowing in Oxford street. When jess arrives at Notting Hill to a mansion that she is sharing part of the house with. There she meets handsome Alex, but when Jess goes on a Christmas holiday, on her return back to the mansion, Alex has started seeing housemate Emma. That's not very nice as Jess has to see both of them around the house. I did feel sorry for Jess , first Neil her ex boyfriend went of with another woman and now Alex the man of her dreams has gone off with another woman housemate. But Jess is determined to fall in love with London.

What I was eager to find out is will Jess ever fall in love with a man again and if so who A lovely story a bit like Love Actually, with two strangers and one big house, and with a year that changes everything.

We Met in December by Rosie Curtis, is for fans that like reading books by Holly Martin, who is another one of my favourite authors.

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