We Are Indivisible - Leah Greenberg

Review :

I had never realized that if you want a democracy, you have to fight for it. Ogie Strogatz - California Indivisible Leader.

This is such an important quote for every US voter to remember and a truth that is becoming increasingly clear!

I am going to attempt to keep politics out of my review of this terrific political book.

First, I am really glad I read it to learn about the Indivisible movement because frankly, I think Indivisible has been essentially, well, invisible. At least to me.

Unlike their political opposite predecessor, the Tea Party, I have not seen this grass roots effort get much press*. They are covered on MSNBC (apparently) but, I can't recall a single story or mention in any national or local network news story or major newspaper. And I index pretty high on watching and reading the news. When the Tea Party was active, they seemed to make the news every day, just like the shorter lived Occupy Wallstreet movement.

Perhaps that is one of the purposes of the book, to become more widely known.

I found Indivisible to be a well written, interesting, accessible and fast read of very current affairs and the immediate future too. In fact, it was so interesting and engaging that I finished it in a single transcon flight - that's rare for me and well deserving of 5 stars on that aspect alone.

Make no mistake, it is heavily left leaning and there are more than a few positions that I do not really agree with, however, the book makes many insightful observations and made me think deeper on a number critical of topics. Those topics included "allies" and "privilege" and the points made by Greenberg and Levin are accurate, thoughtful, and inspiring. And the underlying premise of the book is democracy is under threat not simply by the current administration, but the two party system and a number of other factors as well.

The book includes 19 "Practical Invisible Lessons" that are a very good introduction to politics and how things work. My favorite one, and one that I hope everyone can rally behind was the final "lesson" #19: "Vote your heart in the primaries and vote your head in the general election." Sorry, I'm going to get a bit political here but I sure hope that the Democrats, Independents, rational Republicans and yes, Indivisibles will all fall in line with this principle.

The book concludes with some interesting and perhaps radical ideas to "fix" our democracy. I will enjoy talking to my more politically astute friends on both the wisdom as well as feasibility of these ideas. The authors make a clear case on why and how these changes should and could be made. Regardless, while some concepts make a lot of sense others seem like they could and should be solved via different means.

Overall this is an excellent book with a mix of history, current affairs, conviction and thought provoking ideas. I will be recommending it to a number of friends and highly recommend to anyone interested in politics and especially the future of our democracy.

Finally, thanks to One Signal / Atria and Simon and Schuster for the advance reading copy of this fascinating book.

*** When writing this review, I Googled Indivisible News and received a handful of articles from obscure small political sites, a couple local newspaper articles and only one story from a reasonable size outlet - The New Republic. Googling The Tea Party News displayed articles and mentions from a wide spectrum of major outlets from Fox News to The New Your Times, Washington Post and more. Indivisible has some ground to make up.

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