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Total Power was my most awaited action thriller of 2020, and I couldn't have imagined it to be this spectacular. I burned through the pages in essentially one sitting and I have not done that for any book yet. The incredibly well-handled fast pace of the book deserves a one-sitting read.

Mitch Rapp books are no strangers to scaring readers with plausible horrific scenarios, some often taking shape in reality in some form or way (Lethal Agent and Coronavirus). What if this time around Mitch Rapp couldn't stop the horrible event from happening THAT is Total Power. The sheer brilliance of the story and the events that unfold are testament to Kyle Mills' praiseworthy efforts to keep Mitch Rapp on the throne of the action thriller genre. Total Power involves a sinister plot to target the US power grids which end up plunging the entire country into darkness and utter chaos. Mitch Rapp operates in the dark quite literally this time around, no longer in the sun baked deserts of Middle East, but on his home turf in US. This time around Mitch Rapp can't prevent the attack, but he must fix it. How he does it, is quite unconventional and an absolute mind-blowing experience to read. The mission parameters are unlike any before. The hiccups and difficulties in restoring the power of an entire country before it all implodes make Rapp's life all the more difficult.

Every time I read a Mitch Rapp book, I tell myself this is the most awesome Mitch Rapp can get. Total Power continues the tradition of dissuading me of this illusion. Total Power is all the evidence one needs to realize Mitch Rapp is still on top of the game. The action sequences are top-notch with adrenaline-inducing descriptions of the sequences and WOW factors throughout. Mitch Rapp is still just as lethal with his trusty suppressed Glock 19. There are moments of sheer awe where Rapp deals with his adversaries in some of the coolest and badass ways I have ever read.

One of the many enjoyable aspects of Total Power is the bond between Scott and Mitch. Total Power depicts their friendship and camaraderie wonderfully with great dialogues and conversations between the characters. Even with so many moving parts in the story, the interactions between Rapp and his allies make up a strong emotional anchor in a story about a wildly scary scenario.

The plot is an ingenious one with so many cogs working simultaneously to create the bigger picture. The cogs all connect as the pages fly by, combining each piece of the puzzle without overwhelming readers. The puzzle pieces are put together through a great combination of investigative works and careful deductions on the good guys' part instead of convenient coincidences. The deductions and investigations allow for a great display of Mitch Rapp's mental ingenuity in addition to his physical prowess and skills with firearms.

Total Power is undoubtedly a top contender for the best action thriller of 2020. The fast-pace, jarring narrative, heart-pumping action, sadistic plot, and legendary Mitch Rapp to put an end to the evil, all collectively make for an incredible read that will reverberate through the foreseeable future. Mitch Rapp is back and better than ever.

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