V is for Vulnerable - Seth Godin

Review :

I am moved!!!

This book is a special little gem. The simple illustrations and layout mask its profound message. In the beginning it says, "Read this book out loud to someone you care about". So Chris (husband) and I took turns reading each page. We both really loved it. This book perfectly captures the spirit of the one who gave it to me, which makes me love it even more. And I'm so glad that I own a copy, because I'll definitely want to re-read it (and steal quotes for various things such as graduation cards and what-not!).

Effort isn't the point, impact is. If you solve the problem in three seconds but have the guts to share it with me, it's still art. And if you move ten thousand pounds of granite but the result doesn't connect with me, I'm sorry for your calluses, but you haven't made art, at least not for me.

This book makes art for me. Thank you to my friend who gave me this special and meaningful book. You knew I'd love it and I do! xoxoxo

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