Understanding-Michael-Porter -The-Essential-Guide-to-Competition-and-Strategy-Harvard-Business-Review-Press-2011

Review :

Porter provides a very refreshing and more sophisticated view of business strategy, shattering the idealistic simplicity of things like Jack Welch's view that you have to be number one or two in your business, or that success is creating a better product than others. Porter's view is that success comes from finding your unique value proposition and delivering that well. You don't have to be the biggest. The concept of "the best" product is a mirage, as Southwest airlines represents the best for some people's needs, and a private jet represents the best for others. There is a lot of depth and very helpful nuance in what, despite being loaded with content, is actually a relatively short book from a page-count perspective. For me, this counts as a classic, meaning something that I'll get value out of every time I read it.

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