Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing (Ultimate Series) - Perry Marshall

Review :

It blew my mind. I'm excited to write this review because I hope that after you read it, you'll realize how much this book can help you with your local business.

Based on the title, I knew this book was something I wanted to read. I'd struggled myself trying build a small local business on my own for several years. I tried all kinds of marketing: social media, direct mail, cold calls, and more. If there was a new shiny object that promised to help me grow my business I would try it. One of those methods was pay per click. However, I would often try for a while and then quickly give up on it because it would either be too costly or I'd be met with dead silence and no clicks.

The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing helped change my perspective about pay per click. From the title, you might think this would be a book about how to secure news coverage or something like that. Instead, it's all about pay per click and how to make this form of marketing work for you.

When I got this book, I read it cover to cover, then went back and followed it step by step. My results so far have been phenomenal. In just a matter of hours, I have realized marked improvement in my Adwords marketing. No other guide I've read had been able to break down the process of setting up an ad the way this book does. Just one read through is all it took to take my Adwords marketing from floundering to fantastic.I highly recommend this book for any small business with an online presence.

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