Tropic of Chaos Climate Change

Review :

"THE" book- Period! A must read for anyone who has ever held an iota of concern for the environment. More so for him/her who hasn't. Beautifully portrays the interdependence of societal stability with climate, and the acceleration of the former's collapse catalyzed by climatic anomalies. Much more than just a book on planting trees or reducing carbon footprints, 'The Tropic of Chaos' champions the cause of the many few who have relentlessly worked to place climate at the forefront of all international deliberations. A book that will give you many sleepless nights upon revealing the monstrous atrocities that have resulted due to the convenient negligence of those at the top of the global societal hierarchy. To quote a critic," An argument can be made that it deals with the ONLY questions currently worth asking."

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