Traveling Light Releasing the - Max Lucado

Review :

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason, that things are presented to you for a reason, that books are read for a reason. This book was meant to be read, and I am so ever grateful that I did. My sister recommended it to me months ago, and like most recommendations I added it to my list but didn't give it any more importance over the other books I had already intended to read. About a month ago my grandmother passed away and on her deathbed I discovered that her favorite passage in the bible is Psalm 23, a Psalm by David which is well known as a universal prayer for the sick and dying. I thought it funny that my grandmother would like this Psalm so much and hearing it in Spanish being recited as her life support was discontinued I thought to myself, how uninspired this Psalm is, it's words do not flow, it's message does not reach me in any other moment outside of this here sad one. At the funeral little plastic prayer cards were printed for all in attendance with Psalm 23 on the back. I took one home as I wanted to honor my grandmother.

A week ago I went to my father's house and seeing my sister again I was reminded of this book, this Traveling Light: Releasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to Bear and not knowing the details of its pages I asked her for it and she gladly handed over her copy. I took it home and cracked to where it explained that it was about Psalm 23. How it would break it down line by line and show me just how inspired and moving this Psalm truly is. Max Lucado is indeed a great storyteller who uses smaller stories as examples of his points in a way that we can understand the message and get a proper grasp of the Love that we don't allow ourselves to see. I can give witness now to how truly inspiring this Psalm is and can understand with deeper insight as to why it was my grandmothers favorite passage in life, and not just one to recite in death. The little plastic prayer card now being my bookmark of choice.

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