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LOL - Every little star counts! Such shamelessness ;>

Okay - so how weird is this I have the audio copy of TOP and it's read by Gabra Zackman, who did a fantastic job on my Study books. So I wanted to listen to a couple chapters of TOP to see how Gabra did the voices and pronounced the character names...

I'm on Chapter 11! I've gotten sucked into my own book - how weird is that I'll blame Gabra. She brings the story to life - it's a different experience from reading the book as she's acting it out with the various voices and the sarcasm and I've actually laughed out loud - so strange and fun. She reads Quain with a Scottish accent - not quite what I'd imagined...but I've grown used to it and now I can't hear him any other way :) Flea is perfect, and Kerrick's a, but I'm not sure how he's supposed to sound. Mom is also perfect and Belen sounds just like Poppa Bear.

I'm going to try and make sure Gabra reads all my books from now on! A good reader makes all the difference.

I finished a few days ago - I really loved Tohon's voice his was so silky and dangerous. And now I have all their voices in my head as I write TASTE OF DEATH - book 3!

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