This Will Be My Undoing Living at the Intersection of Black Female and Feminist in White America

Review :

4.5 stars

TW: bullying, racism, mentions of rape/assault

This is the first collection of feminist essays I've read that's specifically focused on black women's experiences and how their experiences are distinguished from the general movement of feminism. And I loved it. This book was never info dumpy; it actually was quite anecdotal and would discuss a lot of the author's life and personal experiences and then transition from that storytelling format to a discussion of black women and prejudices and how they are defined in a white majority and white-governed society. I was tabbing in this book quite a lot because I think her discussion between black women and white women was really valuable, especially in the ways that white feminism neglects to recognize black women and what needs to be done to recognize their experiences without trying to force empathy. I also think this would be a great resource for other black women because it talks about the ways in which other black women perpetuate white supremacy, and though i'm not black and can't use that information personally, i think the discussion it merits is important.

This collection talks about topics from black women's hair to sex and dating to Beyonce, and I loved most of the essays. My only critique is that sometimes the essays would be quite meandering where she would start on one story but then skip around and discuss multiple situations and fluctuate between them within one essay, and I would have preferred chopping up those longer essays into shorter, more succinct ones. still, this book was an excellent exploration of one black woman's life and how she's come to terms with intersectional feminism, which I think has created a great resource for women of any race. I found despite our experiences being quite different, I was still able to relate to her (especially in her chapter about men and sex). I highly recommend it if you're looking to diversify your feminist shelf.

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