This View of Life Completing the Darwinian Revolution by David Sloan Wilson

Review :

This was a great book! One I was looking for a long time. How to include evolution principles in our social organization: group, companies, countries. I "read" this book via audiobook and I regreted it. I feel I should re-read it on paper to get a better grasp. The book is short and very well written. Accessible to anyone, but requires too much focus for the audio format.

The content has different outcomes:
- change on the "vision" I have of the world. One of the pillar of the book is that we see **through the lens** of the theory we use.
- actable policies, both for personal improvement, and for management of groups/organizations. The second one is especially impressive because draws on fact that old, well studied, and of proven efficiency, but generally unknown (at least I had never heard of it).

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