This Land Is Our Land How We Lost the Right to Roam and How to Take It Back

Review :

Ken Ilgunas' first two books-the pioneering #vanlife memoir WALDEN ON WHEELS and epic Keystone pipeline travelogue TRESPASSING ACROSS AMERICA-elevated the act of veering out of bounds into an art (making him a man after my own heart). His new book, THIS LAND IS OUR LAND, elegantly builds on this theme with a passionate and persuasive ode to roaming. Reading it will radically change how you see private property in North America, and just might inspire you out the door and over the fence yourself. I've long been amazed and deeply inspired by Ken's writing, wilderness ethic, and general approach to life, so if you haven't heard of him or his work yet, you're in for a treat-I highly recommend starting here and now.

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