Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO by E. Jones

Review :

As a young professional, I am still learning how to get used to change in a job or an internship, especially during these unprecedented times. Author and Career Coach Beverly Jones' book taught me how to maneuver around these changes and still maintain my sanity.

Jones used anecdotes from her and her friend's career to explain the various ways in which a person can handle career changes in a graceful manner. Jones' optimistic and simple style of writing successfully outlined the steps I can take to become used to career changes. Particularly, Bill's story stuck out to me in Chapter 49, "The Right Way to Move On." When Bill was laid off, instead of creating a scene and hostile work environment during his last few days, he resisted the urge to lash out and instead improved relationship with his colleagues. A few years later, Bill was hired back by the same company at a higher position for how he handled the layoff. Bill's story taught me how to exit gracefully. Her book highlights how we all have the power to wake up every day with improved outlooks and a smile on our face. Even little changes in negative attitude can go a long way, especially if one is sad about the current state of the economy. Jones' relentless attitude and inspirational stories engaged me as a reader and will most certainly help me remember the lesson. If you're a fan of step-by-step books, this is definitely a catch.

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