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First read April 6, 2009:
A quick, easy read that wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. Mr. Harvey gives straight, common sense advice about men that could be used by teenage girls just beginning the dating cycle to women married/divorced with kids. Several of his examples are with divorced women with kids: when to introduce your kids to the man you are dating; if a man is truly interested in a long-term relationship he will make an effort to include your kids on dates, etc.

As for younger women starting to date, this book could be very insightful. Respect yourself and a good man will respect you. He recommends not having the first sexual encounter for 90 days. Uses the advice of starting a new job and having to wait 90 days for the "benefits" to kick in (health insurance). Men can do it if it's important to them, if it's not they move and women are better off knowing early on. I felt the book was primarily geared toward young women just starting to date...

As for married women, Mr. Harvey gives some advice on keeping your man happy at home. Why they cheat and who they cheat with. He states that men will cheat if they aren't getting "the cookie" at home or if "the cookie" is not like he wants it to be. He mentioned that men will cheat and not consider it cheating, just having sex. I laughed at his joke about how men will deny their butts off when caught cheating--even in mid "pump" with their social security numbers tattooed on their butts. There is a section on forgiving a man who has cheated, too.

He mentions how women should deal with a momma's boy. What questions a women should ask a man she is dating (both early in the relationship and later). He explains what type of answers women should receive if the guy is committed to a long-term relationship or a fling. He uses the analogy of sports fishing: keeping and tossing back. He talks about the first words out of a woman's mouth when a guy begins talking to her. Women set the stage for how the guy will see them and treat them: long term material or a quick toss. He mentions how men will do almost anything to get sex and how not to be used for sex if your goal is a long-term relationship.

Mr. Harvey gives a brief insight into his own life at the beginning of each chapter, then delves into the topics that range from:

The Mind Set of a Man:
- Three things that drive a man:
1. Who they are
2. What they do
3. How much they make

Why Men Do What They Do
- This section was neat to read because it talked about how men behave--if they love you--particularly for married men.

How to Win the Game

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