think big and kick ass

Review :

I don't care what you think about the man, if you take success seriously, then you must admit that he has it going on. This book really helped me change how I look at things regarding my business and my thought process on success.

Trump and Zanker talk candidly about how they worked their way to where they are now. Being richer than most is not all sunshine and roses, according to these two business tycoons. Both men discuss not only their great successes, but also the tremendously devastating trials of loss.

As is the case with most Trump books, this one is told using stories and personal anecdotes from their journey to power and riches. I personally enjoy hearing the different ups and owns, and how it is NOT impossible to succeed, or at the very least survive in a down economy. Trump talks about how many of his [previously] successful friends lost everything and didn't have the personal strength or confidence to survive or come back.

A fascinating, entertaining, and very informative book.

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