The World's Fittest Book How to train for anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere

Review :

TLDR: Don't come here for a training program, come here for a story about a cool guy that's really good at a bunch of stuff, is pretty engaging to read, where you might pick up some insights into fitness and strength.

So, some people rate this book as bad, because it's all over the place, there is some self-promotion, and supposedly the writing is "self baggy" I'm not sure what that means exactly. First, the style is completely consistent with the character. He's a goofball, with an annoying laugh and probably some serious ADHD, but he's also categorically one of the fittest people on the planet, having recently swum around Great Britain. Also, the feelings I got from his writing, and his interviews, are earnestness and humbleness, not really self-aggrandisement. The book is about how he gained the knowledge he uses to become the world's fittest man, not about the specific training programs he made. It's a story about his life and his thoughts. It's written like a distracted memoir. I think that the random ass training programs and recipes are more a case of him getting sidetracked with an idea he just had than they are the point of the book. Some dickhead below thinks that being able to do a pull-up isn't a beginner exercise. He should get out more.

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