The Weekend Effect The Life-Changing Benefits of Taking Time Off and Challef Overwork

Review :

A great collection of various elements of research about North America's addiction to work, where it comes from, and some considerations to streamline life.

Nothing terribly revolutionary if you've kept up with the news about the leisure gap and value of nature and scheduling less.

But if you've been questioning why you're feeling frazzled and want some form of support or encouragement or a different perspective to use as a base, this book is very helpful.

It is slightly autobiographical, where the author incorporates a lot of her own experiences. The frustrating part about that - she is married with kids. Not a lot about the struggles of being single and demands of work and managing the home including eating well. Nor does it dive into the strange world of entrepreneurship, where 1000% on work and only work is considered virtuous. But those are specialized considerations that likely have not been researched enough to incorporate.

I found it validating as I try to build more boundaries for myself and find that work/life balance.

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