The Way We Eat Why Our Food Choices Matter (2006, Rodale Books)

Review :

Only read this book if you are ready to change the way you eat. Because once you read it you cannot go back to the way things were before. The authors explain what it is your actually eating and how it is produced. Once you know all the details it changes everything, especially about meat and dairy.
It's easy to be ignorant, as we lead busy lives and the media represents everything so nicely. It's always the big companies that have the best ads and are the cheapest so we buy their products the most, but in reality they are the companies that are the WORST.
I do recommend everybody to read this. Especially parents as what we are actually putting into our and our childrens bodies is not only bad for us but truely stems from Evil and Greed.
The authors are quite graphic in some chapters, describing every factual detail that happens behind these factory walls and I could not read some of it. I was crying and felt sick to my stomach. And I used to buy these products, which means that I was supporting them with my dollar. Not anymore. I have researched ethical Dairy farmers that treat their cattle humanly and I have cut out meat. Yes I spend more on food now, but it's really not that much considering that we have no problems spending over $10 dollars on a drink when we go out or spending over $100 dollars on clothes.
I feel so much better now knowing what I'm putting into my body is ethical and humane and did not cost the earth.

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