Review :

This is a fantastic book, full of timely advice for anyone looking to get or keep a modern, fashionable look. It offers frank advice from an experienced author and many other contributors who are headlining names in worldwide fashion. The layout of the book is pleasing, with great photos that show there is lots of room between teen-queen and matronly.

One of my favorite things about this book is that it doesn't pigeonhole women into categories (how many fashion books give you a quiz in Chapter 1 that determines what's right for you the rest of the way Not here; general advice for all women is augmented with ideas for concealing the things we grow to dislike about our bodies and showcasing the best parts we offer!

As a woman who long left her teens-and-twenties look, it is great to see how you can be youthful and well-dressed at any age.

Highly recommended for anyone in a professional field, and all women over 30.

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