The Third Door The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World's Most Successful People Launched Their Careers

Review :

I met Alex in November of 2018 where he invited me as one of his personal guests over Instagram to his keynote at the World Trade Center. I took a 15-hour bus ride from Toronto to New York to make it happen. It was that well worth it. Alex himself is electrifying. His presence and his energy is one people want to be around and he emits an aura that radiates and affects people.

It feels that way when you're reading (and listening!) to his book. Effectively enough, it's like the words are jumping off the page and although considered a business book, it feels like an adventure novel that has me on the edge of my seat. The Third Door was hands down the fastest I had ever read a book. I read it in one sitting. The words were just begging to be read and Alex has a way of drawing you in, making you feel like you are a co-pilot on his journey. The biggest takeaways for me were fully believing that:
- There is always, always a way.
- When you change what you believe is possible, you change what becomes possible.

I gravitate towards Alex's book because I see myself reflected in it.

It feels fitting that I am writing this book review while I am on the plane to LA. This isn't just any plane ride for me though. This is a plane ride that is realizing a 5 year dream of mine. This is the type of Plane Ride that has the same tone of when Alex finally meets Bill Gates and he reflects on every moment it took to get there. The red scarf. The endless phone calls. The rejection letters. The crouching in the bathroom, and the interviews. For me, this entire plane ride has been myself reminiscing on everything it took for me to get here, to finally obtain my visa and to finally move to LA. The struggle of the home situation, the conversations with certain people, the realization that nobody was holding me back except for me. All to change a self-limiting belief and to work SO hard to make a dream happen.

I have my utmost and wholehearted support behind this book and Alex Banayan himself. Having read his book, gifted his book to people 10+ times (and had these friends gift the book to others), met him him in person, and listened to him on numerous podcasts and a speech in person by him-I know that he is a wholesome human. They say to be wary of meeting your idols for they may have a different way of behaving that what you've perceived. Alex is exactly who he is across all his mediums and smashes that fear-based stereotype. He cares. His message is coming from a place so deep in him that's unshakeable and resonates hard. This is the book I recommend to everyone first and has maybe, just maybe knocked off Outliers as my favourite book at the moment.

Anyway I'm sitting on my flight from Toronto to LA about to land and my copy of the third door signed by Alex himself is in my bag. There's something comforting knowing that these people are out there. The ones who are chasing their dreams + creating their lives. And if you have a dream that wants to be realized, highly recommend picking up the Third Door and gifting yourself a solid evening to read it. Having read the book, I am better because of it and the experience of reading it and the knowledge within it are well worth it.

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