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What a fantastic and enlightening book. As bizarre as this practice seems at the outset, this method really works. I've used The Tapping Solution for various aches and pains.... back, neck, headache, tension, etc.

One might find himself feeling rather odd going through the various tapping solutions. But once the reader realizes that this stuff really works, they probably won't care how odd it may be.

Right now, I am working on the stress relief portion of the Tapping Solution, and little by little I feel the weight upon my shoulders slowly becoming lighter.

I am always compelled to look at just about any book coming out of Hay House. They are consistent in their focus upon books about our mental, physical, and/or spiritual health. And, Nick Ortner's Tapping Solution is no different. Ultimately, I look forward to my own improved health in each of these areas.

I don't want to discuss any more of the book's content for fear of spoiling the reading experience. Let's just say that I was intrigued with the concept, the practice, and the continuing influx of new medical research. And, I look forward to more works from Nick Ortner. I give him 5 Stars for this effort!

I received this title in e-book format from Hay House in exchange for a fair and honest review. There are no financial ties between the publisher, author, or this reviewer. This review can also be found on,, and my blog

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