The Silk House

Review :

Rachelle Dushane-Macquinet, a young woman from a prosperous and well-known family of silk producers and dressmakers, has come to court with her grandmother and older sister to help make gowns for the Princess Marguerite Valois, daughter of Queen Mother Catherine de Medici. But Rachelle and her family have a dangerous secret. They are Huguenots at a time when the Catholic church in France is relentlessly persecuting "heretics," which to them includes anyone of the Protestant faith.

At court, Rachelle meets the handsome young Marquis Fabien de Vendome and is instantly attracted to him, but he is far above her in social class. Fabien is a Catholic, but he comes from a large noble family with many Huguenot members. When he and Rachelle learn of a conspiracy against the Huguenots, between the evil Catherine de Medici and her allies, the de Guise family, they are determined to do something to stop it. As they work together, they grow closer and begin to fall in love, but can they survive the many dangers of going against the most powerful people in France

This book was an excellent combination of history, romance, action, and political intrigue. The author brought to life the people -- both real and fictional characters -- as well as the customs and intrigues of the 16th century French court. My only complaint is that the next book in the series won't be out until Spring 2007, so I will have to wait that long to find out what happens next. I'd highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy historical fiction and historical romance set in this time period.

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