The Shakespeare Book - Big Ideas Simply Explained By DK

Review :

Okay, I am not truly 'finished' with this book, but have read - or used - enough of it to know its value. What I am currently doing is reading - and re-reading - as many of Shakespeare's plays as I am able. While doing so, I am using The Shakespeare Book, which I won in a GR giveaway, as a sort of 'companion book,' to help me understand, untangle, and better appreciate the plays.

So I will come back now and then to add comments as I finish a play; I am giving myself a week on each. I don't know how this will go, but I am presently finishing up 'Two Gentlemen of Verona,' which right away I am seeing as a very good play with a somewhat tarnished reputation. It has been rather harshly criticized, especially for one scene in particular and for its ending. I am loving it, though, and that enjoyment has only been increased by The Shakespeare Book.

Thusly, I am satisfied most heartily, and not by half! The Shakespeare Book arrived at a very timely moment in my reading life!

Yeah, I'm kind of silly, but loving the word play and puns in this play, along with the insights provided by this book.

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