the secret life of cows

Review :

Do cows have jealousy Do they make friends and play favourites amongst the herd If we watched them as closely as Rosamund Young does, we'd have no doubts. They converse with other, get standoffish and have spats. They greet old friends with a kiss. They frolic and dance. Growing up on an organic cattle farm, Young has collected stories of generations of cows, and she shows us a complex community, one of grateful old aunties, chatty cousins, young hoodlums, and even vain princesses scared of getting muddy feet. Slightly obsessive but brilliantly observed, these anecdotes will change how you see all animals. Young feels that if you become receptive to how the cows interact you can't help but question your assumptions. Written in a simple conversational style, this wonderful book will show you how to read the body language of cows (and the odd sheep) and how to act appropriately. Rather than indulgent anthropomorphism, it is a plea to simply place animals within their own needs and wants, reminding me of the best work by Jane Goodall or Temple Grandin. Those of us who love animals will more than delight in these pages, and their simple truths told so warmly will stay with the reader. I loved this volume and I want to give a copy to all my friends. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to be besties with bovine beasties.

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