The SEAL's Surprise Son (The Admiral's SEALs #1) - Leslie North

Review :


Carolyn and Zach are the perfect definition of right love, at a wrong time. Carolyn broke her engagement to Zach because she couldn't take it anymore. He was a member of the Navy SEALs and she would always worry, fear for his safety. She made him choose: his fiance or his job, in which he chose his job.

These two came from broken yet resilient families. Carolyn's dad cheated on her mom, thus, they divorced and she didn't have a proper father figure in her life. She would always try to make him approve and notice her, in which her efforts were to waste. On the other hand, Zach had an abusive father. His mother left him and his two other brothers, therefore never really having a proper mother figure. Until the Admiral took them into his wing, teaching them all that he knows. Thus, their job.

However, Carolyn found that she was with child and tried to contact Zach. She gave up when all of her efforts failed. A year later and they have met again in a robbery happening at Carolyn's jewellery shop, Zach being an employee at her security company. He recognised the child as his instantly. Out of the SEALs, he tries to make it to his son's life asking Carolyn a second chance.

I love their story. I wish there was more background on how the met. This was fast paced and amid the romance, the plot revolves on the mystery of someone targeting Carolyn's shop. Super fast paced, yet you can still feel the connection of Carolyn and Zach. Super recommend!

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