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The Score Takes Care of Itself by Steve Jamison and Craig Walsh is in my mind the best book to read if you are a leader or someone of a high position in an organization. Bill Walsh was recognized as one of the highest and most esteemed coaches in all of sports history. His philosophy on leadership is unparalleled to that of any other coach or captain. That's what this biography tries to depict his reasoning behind his coaching techniques and the insight that he has on being a successful master of management. The book goes through five parts of Bill Walsh's strategies as a coach. Part 1: his standard of performance, which is just the dos and don'ts of being a leader and when you know you are doing your job right. Part 2: success is not spelled G-E-N-I-U-S, which means it's all about your opportunity and what you do when you get it. Part 3: fundamentals of leadership, this is just the habits a leader has and the example he/she has to set. Part 4: essentials of a winning team, what a team must learn and do to overcome adversity. Part 5: looking for lessons in my mirror, which is just taking what you have and using that to your advantage and learning from your mistakes. As Bill claims, "once you master these 5 parts, you can become a great leader."
This novel really got me thinking about what I have done wrong as a leader before, whether that be in sports or in my everyday life. I need to learn not to focus on criticizing everything that I or anybody on my teams have done, but focus on using what gifts they have to use to our advantage. Not only does it make the person who receives the praise confidence and a greater drive to win, but that would help my team as a result. This book definitely gave me an idea on how to lead a team and will help me for future teams.
Anyone who is a leader in a sport or even a work force, they should definitely find a way to read this book because it will give you a great idea on how to lead a team to success. It will give you a play-by-play on how to be successful while still being creative in your own way. That's what made Bill Walsh such a great coach, he was creative while still sticking to traditional ways.

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