Review :

The entire time I was reading this, I literally wanted to buy a pair of balls and dig in. I do own a pair of lacrosse balls that I bought just for doing this, but I discovered that those were too hard. Reading the book, yeah she explains that those are too hard.

This book has a major info dump of science and anatomy. Even with taking anatomy classes, and knowing a lot of my body due to having to self care a lot... it was still a lot to take in.

Definitely a book I would rather have a physical copy of instead of the ebook.

And this is something I do need to investigate further. As for the first time since I can remember, while I was pregnant, I didn't have back pain. I had severe hip/pelvic pain, but that's a different story. I didn't have BACK pain. Makes sense now that I think about it, as pregnancy causes your ligaments and everything to loosen extremely.
Now that the baby has arrived and I spend my entire day and night contorted into uncomfortable positions as she only sleeps on me... I find myself so tight, and in so much pain. I really do plan on buying some of the squishier balls and giving this a go.

Will update my review when I finally get my hands on a pair of balls.

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