The Resilience Workbook Essential Skills to Recover from Stress, Trauma, and Adversity

Review :

In my work as a mental health nurse, resilience is something that I think about a lot, both in myself and with the clients that I see. Therefore this book is immediately something I would want to recommend to others, basely on the content topic alone. The book combines CBT, ACT, mindfulness and relaxation amongst other evidence-based techniques, to help improve and boost resilience. Importantly, these are all evidence-techniques; I would only ever recommend evidence-based techniques so I was very pleased to see the use of these approaches within this book.

The book helpfully starts with an overview of the topic of resilience, with a checklist rating scale in order to see where your resilience levels sit at the start of reading the book.

This book covers so much content, including scientific grounding to a lot of the theory of resilience, pointers and tips to boost your resilience, and much much more. I am so impressed with it, and will be using the techniques myself as well as recommending some to others. It is a very long book with a whole wealth of information, but fortunately it's one that you can read as a book in itself, or dip in and out of the chapters as you see necessary. What a brilliant read.

(Thanks to NetGalley for this copy).

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