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A beautiful book written by perhaps one of the best islamic female writers i have ever read about from the 16th century AD in Damascus. She was a sufic poet and writer but like some of the great writers her writings were not as well known at the time. I loved this book in so many ways, its deeply philosophical, poetic and the more and more I read the more it go me thinking. It reminds you again and again that you should be moral and good. Here are my best bits from the book.

- Person who does Bad deeds and then does good deeds is like a man wearing a tight coat of chainmail that is suffocating him. When he does something good and Lincoln loosens. Then he does another good deed and another link loosens and so on until he can step out free into the world.

The repentance of the common people is forcing the repentance of the people of spiritual distinction is fajita listless and the repentance of the profits it's from regarding the weakness of others who fail to attain what they did.

Oh Adam you have bequeathed toil and trouble to your progeny but I have bequeathed repentance to him. Whoever among them price to me I will respond to him and whoever asks me for forgiveness I will not withhold it from him for I am there and I answer oh Adam I will gather the penitence from the graves on judgement day they will be happy and laughing and their prayers will be answered.

When God the exalted wants to befriend one of his servants he opens the door of repentance for him with his grace and lead him into the ante-room of renunciation of all but him. Got races him up with the Ascension of vigilance against any except him until he ends up in the presence of contemplation when he sitting on the carpet of proximity with the generosity of attraction and manifests itself to him in beauty. When the seed of repentance falls on the grounds of The heart and the breezes of remorse below and the clouds of the eyelid poor with the rain of tears then that earth will tremble sprouts and grow verdant with delightful spaces of the flowers of Tiffany's and the harvest of contemplation from the aromatic plants of union and the fruits of communion and so on from what is beyond description and expression.

If you do not turn to God in repentance you will have no success. You must therefore validate your repentance with hard work. Repentance is the foundation for the pillars of happiness.

The minimal requirement for truthfulness is that one secret thoughts and public actions match.

Satan has placed his snouts on the heart of every person if one remembers God Satan withdraws if one forgets God Satan devours his heart.

The end of remembrance is when the one remembering disappears in the remembrance from the remembrance and is Immersed in the one remembered without returning to the state of remembrance. The state is the annihilation of annihilation.

Say there is no God but God but Al Shibli replied I will say God but I won't offend him with the denial of him.

Haroon ibn hayyan said " I came to uways who asked "what bring u here " I came for ur company, I replied. Uways said, I Never understood how one can know God yet seek the company of other than him.

Love is in adornment that does not appear on one whose ambition hangs on others

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