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Everyone knows the golden rule, treat other the way you want to be treated, in order to get on their good side. The author Anthony Alessandra, claims that this will only work 1/4 the time, as there are at least 4 other personality types. Treat everyone the way 'they' want to be treated. And you have a potential of influencing 100% of the people you meet. I really enjoyed this books as it reinforced the lessons I learned from "Sales Dogs", another fantastic book, and provided some great tips and tricks

What I remember (Spoilers):
The book goes into a lot of detail on the types and talks about how to modify your base type to match the type you are trying to influence. The four basic types are relaters, directors, thinkers, socializers. Everyone has one dominant type and at least dabble in the other to greater or lesser degrees.

Relaters tend to focus on relationships. They live to be accepted and are great team player and listeners. They, however, can be overly sensitive, and really can't handle instability.

Directors types focus on goals, they seek productivity and control. Go to this type for leadership, and pioneering new ventures. However, directors can be impatient, and insensitive at times. They fear being taken advantage of.

Socializers prioritize people, they seek recognition and participation. They are very good at persuading and motivating people. Avoid socializers if you need detail orientation and follow through on a task. They can't stand the loss of social recognition.

Thinkers are task oriented, accuracy and precision are their aims in life. Look to the thinker if you are planning and setting up systems. Avoid thinkers if you can't handle perfectionist and critical feedback. Despite all the criticism they can deal, they aren't good at taking criticism.

Everyone is a blend of these types, and the book further divides each type into sub types. Such as "the go-getter" in the relaters type, my personal favorite.

Like any art, this style of thinking and matching your interaction with people takes practice. To be honest it was hard to think of the four types off the top of my head with out referring to the outline again. It's also important to remember that no one is one type all the time, they can be all four types depending on the situation.

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