the path made clear

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The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose

I think this might be one book that needs to be hardcopy, and in hand, because evidently there are beautiful pictures included, to truly appreciate all of it. I listened to an audiobook thru Libby (yay! Libby!), and it was a quick listen - like listening to inspiration, spiritual books - such as scripture where every word is as light as feathers and you need to sort them into various bouquets, in various colors, in order see full meaning. The Path Made Clear could be read every day, regularly and your day will be a better one. I could listen to little bits of this every day.

All at once it's a big philosophical bite. I think there needs to be time between sections to ponder and think and practice and meditate.

Re-readable, so 5 stars for sure.

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