The Origins of Business, Money, and Markets - Keith Roberts

Review :

Sometimes a superb writer can ask you a question you never, ever considered, and then answer it in ways that make you wonder why you never asked the question.

Where did business start and what was the profession Who discovered the magic of money When did the concept of profit raise its stakes Why How Where When

The Origins of Business, Money and Markets by Keith Roberts answers questions rarely asked. The book does it with wonderful writing, compelling anecdotes, surprising facts and extraordinary scholarship.

If you truly want to know someone, you must understand their history, their origins. Only then can you grasp that person's true meaning and value.

The same goes for business, money and markets. Keith Roberts takes readers on an enlightening trip from the beginnings in Sumeria to the downfall of ancient business in the Third Century. The lessons, the stranglehold of corruption and power that darkened the Ages that followed, seem more understandable given the knowledge gained from this wonderful book.

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