The Original Beauty Bible - Skin Care Facts for Ageless Beauty

Review :

Even though I personally enjoy all of her writing this book was an improvement. Ill go over what I liked the most.
I was very pleased to see Paula recognize a diets role in skin care and recommend eating dark fruits and vegetables. This was good news and this food group can't get enough love at the moment.
Some people who have not heard about her might think from reading the last few books that Paula did not really like natural products. In here she goes over the organic cosmetics industry and shows she is open minded to the idea as long as its beneficial to the skin. I always appreciate her opinion but I liked seeing her being more open minded to this option.
It was also exciting to read news on skin identicle ingredients cell communicating ingredients and antioxidants. A lot of this reasearch is still in its infancy but the future is looking bright.
She did not do reviews but I read her other books she recently published and yes she does recommend her own products line but admits she could adjust some things on the line. Keep in mind too that she is the only line that re commends other brands. Critics have been harsh on her about this . On a personal note I tried some things from her line and she has a good return policy and sends free samples. Most people should keep in mind that she needs to make a living too so Back off.
I just want to say that she seems more optimistic in this book. Paul's rants and I like her rants but that is not her only side. I was pleased with everything about this book.

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