The ONE Thing- The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Review :

My learnings from the book
(1) If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either
(2) Go narrow and deep. Ignore all the things that you could do, and do only the things that you should do
(3) Not all things matter equally. Find those that matter the most.
(4) You only have so much time and energy. When you spread yourself out, you end up being thin.
(5) No one is self made. No one succeeds alone. No one. There are many people, wishes and hundreds of situations that must fall in place for you to succeed.
(6) The line between passion and skill is often blurred. Passion leads to disproprotionate practise leding to higher skills leading to better results, which feeds passion further. This chain reaction spirals to extraordinary results.
(7) Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that dont. verything does not matter equally. Prioritise.
(8) Things that are most important do not often scream the loudest.
(9) Being busy is not enough. So are the ants.
(10) Multitasking is a myth. A human mind can focus on one task a time. Only involuntary tasks or automated tasks can happen in parallel.
(11) Task switching costs us valuable time to reach the same productivity level as we were, before we left the task.
(12) Select the right task, wotk consistently on it, make it a habit, and then you are liberated from having to monitor it ever. It is automated in your brain.
(13) Will power is not available on will. It keeps getting diminished through the day as you use it.
(14) Do your toughest task in the morning when your will power is at its peak.
(15) A Balanced life is a myth. The reason why we should not pursue balance is that magic happens, not in the middle, but in the extremes.
(16) To achieve extraordinary results, you must chose what matters mostand give it all the time it demands. This requires getting extremely out of balance in relation to other work issues. You may infrequently counterbalance to address them.
(17) No one knows their ultimate ceiling for achievemnt. Giving it a shot is the only way to get an idea.
(18) On the journey to achieving big, you get bigger. Achieving big requires growth, and by the time you arrive, you are big too !
(19) People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the only ones who do.
(20) think big, Aim high, Act bold
(21) Keep your most important appointment with your No. 1 priority..everyday without fail
(22) Until your most important thing of the day is done, everything else is a distraction
(23) Turn off your phone, shutdown your email, close your beowser. Your most important work deserves 100% of your attention
(24) Focus is about deciding what things you are not going to do.
(25) When you strive for greatness, clutter is bound to show up because of your extremen focus on one thing. If a cluttered desk is an indicator of a cluttered mind, what, then represents an empty desk
(26) It is only when you can visualise a bigger life, can you hope of living one.
(27) Whenever you look back at your life, the things that might cause you the biggest regrets are the things that you did not do. Your actions may be stupid, but it is your inaction that will cause you the regret.
(28) When you dont know what matters most, anything makes sense. The best lives aren't lead this way.

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