The Old Stones of Ireland by Andy Burnham

Review :

There are other books which will give you information about ancient sites, but I haven't come across one as inspiring and inclusive as this before.

The Old Stones details a huge number of megalithic places to visit all over the UK and Ireland and marks particularly notable ones with stars. If you want a gazetteer and guide it does this with ease and simplicity, being organised by county and area. However, there is more.

There are numerous atmospheric photos taken by a wide variety of contributors, top tens, tips on getting the most from a site, archeological and historical information, esoteric thoughts and OS references... in essence this book is wonderfully inclusive, it embraces multiple viewpoints.

I love the mix of academic and how sites make people feel, the energies, which people who have visited many of these places will have felt, but may feel cautious about expressing. If those views don't chime with yours, turn over the page and there will be a well written piece by a qualified archeologist or the opinion of a local who has fought to keep their area safe from development or cattle, you don't have to agree with it all, but a multiplicity of views is well represented and that is a wonderful thing.

It's a real pleasure to peruse and has made me keen to revisit some places I've been to already and explore new ones, thank you to all the contributors for their enthusiasm, photographic skills and knowledge as well as the author of this great resource.

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